Our Story

We’re big believers in the creators of tomorrow.

The future of the fashion industry is already here. New technologies, shifting business models, and rising consumer consciousness have altered the way the retail ecosystem operates significantly. Buying habits and logistics demands have shifted greatly over the past decade, creating new opportunities across the value chain.

For creators, there is no better time than now to envision your own enterprise. Already, the power of connectivity has shown how it delivers on breakthrough savings, innovation, and brand reach.

build, empower and connect

At Oculas, our mission is to empower fashion brands, e-retailers and direct-to -consumer brands break ahead.

We partner with these creators, helping them rise with our solutions. We build, empower and connect consumer-focused ecosystems that collaborate in order to create a supply chain that meets the unique needs of our clients.

Trusted Partners You Can Rely On.


We operate with utmost awareness of the ethical, social and environmental responsibilities we owe to our customers, partners and the world.


Our team of 370+ — one of the largest in the industries — consists of swift, nimble, and entrepreneurial individuals who make up the larger network of cooperatives available in every continent.


A highly valued core principle, our open ecosystem of people, process and systems have been conscientiously assembled to overcome even the most demanding value chain challenges.

Our team

Guido Schlossmann


Sinan Erman Tarim


Gigi Lau

Operations DIRECTOR

Citadel Cinco

Quality & Compliance DIRECTOR

Celesta Wong

Creative Director

Luisa Alves


Betul Yuceler Aktay

Global Business Development Director

Ozan Canan

Key Accounts Coordinator, USA

Candy Zeng

Head of Ultra Fast Fashion

Eva Cheng

Director of Home Goods

Monimala Bhattacharya

Sourcing DIRECTOR, india

Raza Latif

Sourcing DIRECTOR, pakistan

Tariq Kaleem

Sourcing DIRECTOR, bangladesh



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