Small & medium (e)retailers can now become equal partners of global supply chain business. We introduce our clients to the fair play suppliers, help to establish good business relationships with them and make sure all orders are delivered fast.


How do we overcome the supply chain bottlenecks?

Problem no. 1
You are a fashion retailer looking for high quality materials to create your own collection. The problem is all offers are far too expensive and provide you with low quality products.

This problem never exists with Oculas. Our team worked hard for many years to establish contacts only with those manufacturers who care about quality over quantity. That's why we will only deliver top quality materials for reasonable prices.

Problem no. 2
Ok, we found you perfect products and materials but you’re still worrying about minimum order quantity. You can’t afford to order over 5000 pieces.

We know that there is economically no point to order 5000 pieces when there is too much uncertainty in the market. That's why the deal with our manufacturers is to get MOQ as low as 300 pieces.

Problem no. 3
You’ve heard that many manufacturers don’t provide duty free production and nobody has control over the entire production process.

There are plenty of complex tax regulations and bilateral agreements per each country that can be very confusing. We use our knowledge and experience on this subject to reduce import costs to miminum and make huge savings.

Problem no. 4
We are in the middle of the summer and you want to get your collection in stores until winter comes.

Time really is the money here. We offer fast product development & delivery so customers have the right collections as close to season as possible. It increases customer satisfaction & prevents you from losing money by making huge discounts to get the rid off the outdated stocks.

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