How to make sure our collection will meet the local demands?

Problem no. 1
You want to order a collection that will meet local customers needs. You want to increase your sale but you are unsure what exactly you should do to have collection following local trends & needs.

Usually buying is based on historical data, buyers & designers' gut feeling and experience. We combine it with real time analytics of every country & consumer group. That's how we know their body shapes, handfeel & overall preferences in various regions. We prepare tailored collection with retail price in mind.

Problem no. 2
You want to make sure that your collection will be competetive on the market. Unfortunately, it impossible to get a unique, smaller collections from importers.

Those importers who rule the market create one, common collection and sell to everyone in the market. They are not unique and have high quantity order. We don't do that. With oculas you can order from 300 pieces per one color. The collection you order with us will really be tailored made for you. That means it can be only sold in your store (offline and online).

Problem no. 3
Now, you have your collection in stock and you started to sell it. You would like to re-order some pieces as they sell well to make sure you will have them in stock for the following seasons. Other importers don't give you a possibility to repeat order quickly.

We will give you a possibility to quickly repeat your order (if needed) to make sure you will not miss any sales opportunity. With our system you will also have a quick access to your collection details - easier way to control stocks. We continously improve sales and data visibity to make sure it is tracked well.

Problem no. 4
You have an e-shop and you want to make sure your collection shows off but you don't have any experience or possibilities to make professional photos of your clothing.

We offer you a possibility to have a photo shoot of your collection here & upload those images directly into your website. You will also be able to create events and make pre-order tests.


Small & medium (e)retailers can now order a ready-to-wear collection from trusted suppliers. Our MOQ can be as low as 300 pieces, possibility to create repetitive orders and constant monitoring of stocks, makes the market an even playing field for all fashion retailers.

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